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And there was me thinking the Premier League had mellowed Ian Holloway.

So far this season Ollie had been so uncontroversial, it was almost Guardiola-like. But this past week a mixture of dismal refereeing decisions, and the ongoing Wayne Rooney vs. Man. United saga has finally put pay to all that blandness.

It wasn't so long ago that seemingly the only reason Holloway had a job in football management was because of his off-the-wall press conferences and ability to produce soundbites like Barcelona produce 'wonderkids'. A book of 'Ollie'isms' was even published in 2007. A distinctly average managerial career had taken him from QPR, Plymouth Argyle and Leicester City, with only one promotion to his name back in 2003-04 with the west Londoners.

None of this really mattered though, because what the fans really wanted from Holloway was not promotion, but a barn-storming post-match interview. From comparing his team's performance to a night out on the pull, through to telling Danny Shittu: "I'm going to pull your pants down and slap you on the arse."(0:40 on this video). Nothing, seemingly, was out of bounds.

All was to change when Ollie took charge of Blackpool in May 2009. What seemed like an impossible job turned into, what some might call, 'a Tangerine dream', as Blackpool won promotion to the Premier League via the play-offs the following year. Holloway had guided a team of journeymen and nobodies to the footballing promised land, and whats more, done it without the use of gimmicks and catchphrases. 

Or so we thought. 

It seems now that the pressure of top-flight football has severely taken its toll on Holloway. Firstly getting a touchline ban after being infuriated by refereeing decisions made in Blackpool's away game against Newcastle on October 9th. And, calling for video technology to be used in football after the Tangerines were disallowed are clear goal in their game against Man. City last weekend.

All of Holloway's frustrations however seem to of come to a head yesterday in a truly astonishing attack on Wayne Rooney and the Bosman ruling:
'I've got big problems with the people who are running football. I know the reasons I think the game is in trouble and you cannot have the Bosman ruling they have at the moment.'
'Manchester United have helped Wanye's career. They've brought him for massive amounts of money. They've blossomed him into the player that he is. And if he sees his contract out, he's going to walk out of there for nothing. Just because he's 24!- what on earth does that have to do with it? It's just ludicrous.'
'I'm looking at Alex Ferguson and thinking: "What a magnificent manager manager. How can he handle this?" How he feels about Manchester United, how proud he is. Yet Wayne Rooney and his agent can manufacture a situation like this.'

And after all that anger? Wayne Rooney signs a new five-year deal with Manchester United. There's just no justice.


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