So, Wayne Rooney has had enough.

He's had enough of shagging a pair of prostitutes behind his wife's back. Enough of pissing up against a wall after a night on the booze. And enough of earning a paltry £100,000 a week. He also seems to have had enough of scoring goals for Manchester United and England.

So what does Wayne want? To move abroad and experience a new way of life? Madrid is the destination he's most frequently linked with, but could a man called Wayne really hack it amongst all those Sergios and Fernandos? It would fascinating were it to happen, mainly because we'd get to see if Rooney tans, or just becomes a hairy, sweaty, bright red bogeyman used by Spanish parents to get their children to behave.

At the end of the day, it doesn't particularily matter where he goes, because what Wayne really wants is more money. That's all. He doesn't want much… £200,000 for a hard week's work. Of course, that is the minimum he wants. If there was the chance of a wee bit more, he'd take it. Of course he would. Who wouldn't?

And is that so wrong? Roy Keane doesn't think so. "Footballers are pieces of meat," he says. "They have to look after number one." And if the market will pay Wazza £250,000 a week, is he wrong to accept that offer? Madrid would probably have to off-load one of their current strikers (Karim Benzema on a swap deal anyone?), but I'm sure they could scrabble it together. So could Chelsea. And Manchester City's Sheik Mansour doesn't just have that kind of money at his disposal... he probably has it in loose change behind the cushion of his cashmere fur couch.

 Rooney, if Ferguson is to be believed, has been pining for a move since his disastrous performance at this Summer's World Cup. In the space of a few months, he has gone from wanting to be a Manchester United player for life, to wanting out as soon as possible.

Maybe he got chatting to Cristiano in South Africa. Or perhaps Carlos Tevez. Or maybe Colleen just needs more gold, frankincense and myrrh for baby Kai.

Whatever the argument, he obviously is greedy, has no loyalty to his teammates, and no respect for the fans who have cheered him since he arrived.

But in the current football climate: is greed really that bad?


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