Gigi Becali: football's most controversial man

George 'Gigi' Becali is mental. Properly bat-shit mental. Since 2003 he has been the sole owner of Romania's biggest and most successful club, Steaua Bucharest, and has been courting controversy from day one.

Initially starting out as an entrepreneur, Becali's real estate business boomed in the late 90's, leading him to become Romania's richest man. At the same time he became leader of the New Generation - Christian Democratic Party, being elected a member of European Parliament in 2004.

So far, so normal for a high-rolling eastern European property magnate. But it wasn't until Gigi became involved with Steaua that he really, last days of Rome, lost it.

Of course, you could get all of this off Wikipedia - I just have - so instead of dedicating a dozen or so paragraphs to his outbursts, I am going to, below, give you all of his quotes, in all of their sweary glory.

Remember, this man is a member of the European Parliament.

Sep 2010: Steaua Coach, Illie Dumitrescu, is sacked for "being too Muslim."

Jan 2011: Becali is given a warning by the Romanian FA for cancelling a transfer because he thought the player was gay - "I'd rather dissolve the club than allow a gay to play for Steaua."
2006: Backs a campaign to "finish off all homosexuals in Romania."
2007: "Gays must be kept in enclosures."

Feb 2011: Becali says League president Dumitru Dragomir "must be beaten" for "humiliating" Steaua during talks over a new TV deal, and for "corrupting football". Dragomir: "Only a moron could think like him. He's illiterate."
 2008: Becali said Dragomir called him "a retard": "In return, I called him a tramp. Then we had a fight."

Aug 2010: Steaua coach Victor Piturca resigns after 59 days, attacking owner Gigi Becali for changing his contract and "failing to shut up". Becali says the new coach, Ilie Dumitrescu, is "a better man ... He's doing this unpaid." Dumitrescu: "Money does not interest me. I just want respect."
Sep 2010: Dumitrescu is sacked. Becali appoints Marius Lacatus as the "lasting solution for Steaua". Lacatus: "I could not refuse this. This is my lifelong dream."
Mar 2011: Lacatus resigns. Becali: "I pick this team. It's not a democracy." Appoints Sorin Cartu as his fifth coach of the season. "I'm giving him three months. We'll see."

Apr 2011: Becali says outgoing FC Dinamo chairman Cristian Borcea's decision to divorce his wife and marry a model is "fine by God". "A man can choose. As God said: man is man and woman is whore."

Mar 2011: Becali, asked on live TV how he feels about Rapid Bucharest president Dinu Gheorghe making public reference to Becali's first job as a shepherd. "What? He is a filthy jerk. A fat bum. I'll force this Gypsy back up his mother. I'm tired of him, all his irony and jokes. He forces me to lose control! He's way out of line."

Gigi's Easter message last month:

Gigi Becali says holding a press conference last week to "clear the air" and say sorry to "everyone I offended this year" made him feel better. Making it on to Gigi's list:
• Rapid Bucharest owner George Copos: "I'm sorry for what I called him. He never answers back. I don't judge him. Yes, he's cheap, but let God judge everyone, I don't have to do it."
Sexual minorities: "I apologise to them. It's their problem, their disease, not mine. You ask me if I still think it's a sin? Of course it's a sin. I always speak my mind."
Other religions: "I'm sorry to all of the religions, the cults. But I do have my views. Jehovah's Witnesses are on the way to perdition."
• Plus Steaua's fans: "I'm sorry for offending them. Apart from the ones who called for me to die just before Easter. They are possessed by Satan."

Gigi's conclusion: "That feels better, I feel reborn. And it'll make Satan crazy: he hates it when a soul gets cleaner. But I didn't just do this for me. I'm an inspiration to millions."

May 2008: calls a black TV presenter an "ape".
May 2008: says women "have no more value" after giving birth.

Nov 2006: Becali commissions a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper with himself as Christ, and the Steaua players as his Disciples.