Hello, football world.

This is a tester more than anything.
But while I'm here,
Fergie has announced today that Rooney wants out. He's told the club that he no longer to wants to wear the United shirt, and the suggestion is he's already got his exit route planned. Personally, I can't see the Rooneys, or more likely if it came to fruition, Rooney, on the continent. An episode of Corrie on the Costa Blanca springs to mind.

Closer to Corrie and closer to home: City. For the cynics, the irony almost tastes too sweet.
I'm off Michael!

But why does he want to move?
After displaying an increasing lack of moral and footballing responsibility, Rooney, despite what Ferguson says, will have, without doubt, have received the hairdryer treatment. Is he doing a Beckham and throwing his toys out of the proverbial?

Money. City are likely to be the only team who could outbid all others, including United.

A new start? Madrid, Barce, Milan, maybe even as close as London. All would represent a new hunting ground for Rooney. On the pitch too.

All seem reasonable explanations. It’s likely that all have played a part.  Rooney’s attitude suggests he’s been hurt by a lack of support from within the club and now wants out. With City close to home, undoubtedly offering more money and signalling a new start, the lad sees an easy option.

Tevez has become a legend. Captain in fact. But he didn’t have so much baggage. A giant poster was erected in the city declaring the move. With Rooney, it would undoubtedly be bigger, much bigger, but hopefully with fewer erections involved.


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