'Soccer Saturday is a legitimate pastime' FACT

Jeff and the lads.
Get the Mott and Buckett's favourite Facebook group is undoubtedly 'Morrissey can still dance if he wants too'. But, coming a close second is a group which has now apparently (according to the inability to find it anymore) disbanded, a group from which this articles takes its name.

Since '92 Soccer Saturday has become the saviour and indeed the lifeblood of many a long afternoon. Previously, when the call came to say 'game off', or when you'd decided not to take the 5 hour trip to watch your side away at Plymouth, there was always the worry that 'she'll take me shopping' or heaven forbid 'there might be some rugby on at 3 o'clock'. So thank god for Jeff and the lads. Not since 'Rhythm is a Dancer' reached number one with Cult dance act Snap, has any decent male had a legitimate reason to be doing anything non-football related between the hours of 12.00-18.00 on a Saturday. Anything thereafter, particularly in '92, must be Snap related.

As you can tell, here at Get the Mott and Buckett we love it. We love the conversation, the exclusives, the interviews, but more than anything we love the banter. As some would say, this show is "mainly for the lads".  And we love that too.

But finally, here's what we love most; the numerous hours spent on youtube repeatedly watching the best bits of the last 19 years. From Kammy's first 'Unbelievable Jeff' to Mers' tooth falling out. But now, in one place, are the collection of Get the Mott and Buckett's greatest Soccer Saturday moments, enjoy!

"What's happened Chris?" "I don't know Jeff!"
Kammy misses a goal at Fratton Park in what has come to be known as one of his greatest ever Soccer Saturday moments. Spot the tie, not round the collar of his shirt in tradiotnal fashion, but in fact round the neck. Classic Kammy. 

"Don't really know what's happening Jeff!"
More classic Kammy. Note "PAPPA BOUBA DIOP WITH THE HEADER!" on 0.12.

"Go on Jeff! Don't hold back Jeff!"
Captain Jeff Stelling's famous rant on Middlesbrough.

Thompson reaction to Riise own goal.
Some say Thomo is shouting "Payney" at Ian Payne, others have suggested that he is in fact a diabetic in urgent need of glucose, leading him to shout "PENGUIN!" I guess we'll never know.

"Somebody's been sent off Jeff but I'm not sure who, but I'll tell you what, this game's flatter than my Mrs' Yorkshire puddings!"
Dean Windass. Better than Charlie Nicholas any day.

"Would you say that is just hyperbole Paul?"
Jeff confuses Mers with a big word.

"Spurs are fighting like beavers!"
Kammy. Enough said.

Jeff jumps out of his seat.
The laughter which follows him leaving the chair is what makes this classic Soccer Saturday.

"I'm not gunna' sing, but I'll tell you what . . ."
Jeff with what has come to be trademark Stelling.

"The Ambre Solare's on Jeff, I'm just topping up my tan."
"Noel Hunt's 5'10 and white and Jimmy Kebe 6'4 and black. I apologise"

"Torres. OH MY GOD!"
Phil Thompson and Frank McLintock co-commentate on Liverpool v Arsenal, European Cup Quarter-Final. Not strictly Soccer Saturday, but essentially.

"I told you it works wonders this Chang beer!"
Kammy doing his best for Anglo-Thai relations. Also note "Zinedine Kilbane". Again, not Soccer Saturday. But anything with that man in is worth a look.


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