Movember Special: The Best Moustaches In Football, Ever

Seeing as my moustache-growing ability amounts to little more than pre-pubescent bum fluff, I have decided to make my mark on this Movember by counting down the 10 best top-lip-ticklers in football history.

10) George Best

He didn't have it for long, but like everything Best did, he did it very, very well.

9) Charlie Paynter

Charlie Paynter was manager of West Ham from 1932-1950. And is a glorious purveyor of the over-groomed moustache.

8) Ronald Spelbos

Total Football. Total Moustache.

7) Sam Allardyce

A weirdly attractive Sam Allardyce. Who'd of thought it?

6) Tony Daley

In truth, an uninspiring 'tash. But any excuse to show off that wonderful barnet.

5) Frank Worthington

Ladies, fancy a ride in my Ford Capri?

4) Alan Sunderland

Words cannot do justice to how magnificent an Afro-tash combo this is.

3) Graeme Souness

Liverpool could have had a whole list to themselves, but the man who started, what is still considered fashionable on Merseyside, is the man for me.

2) Rudi Voller and Frank Rijkaard

A two-for-one. And I don't need any invitation to put this picture up.

1) Warren Gass

Like leftover beef sandwiches on Boxing Day. Or England failing miserably at a World Cup: Warren Gass and a moustache just seems right.


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